The 20 Best Yoga Blankets of 2022

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, every one in seven Americans now practices Yoga. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old tradition that acts as an effective solution for the modern-day competitive society.

It teaches you to connect and unite with yourself, brings out the power residing in passivity and deep breathing. Further, it provides you with a host of mental and physical benefits besides enhancing your body’s balance and flexibility.

In fact, as per the National Institute of Health, Yoga protects the neural circuitry of your brain against degeneration.

So, if you are a beginner and are apprehensive of not having a flexible body to pursue Yoga, here’s the thing. You can begin with Restorative Yoga, a meditative and relaxing style of yoga involving passive stretching and long-held poses.

And the best part is that you do not need complicated or a lot of gear to practice yoga. Some of the yoga essentials include a yoga mat, yoga props like yoga blankets for restorative poses, yoga clothing, and an instructional resource.

In this article, we are going to cover one of the important yoga props that you must have as a beginner and that is a yoga blanket.

Best Yoga Blankets

I. Meditation Blankets

(i) Manduka Yoga Blankets

The first on our list of best yoga blankets s this cotton blanket from the house of Manduka. This blanket is crafted from Peruvian recycled cotton having high-quality rustic, traditional print.

The recycled fiber is enduring, natural, and has fine detailing. Besides, the edges of the yoga blanket are overlocked, so there is no chance of fraying and pilling post washing.

When it comes to using this blanket, it offers great versatility and coverage. You can fold, roll and stack the blanket in any way that supports your pose.

Also, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. This means you can practice yoga or meditation on the go. Further, you can use the blanket both at home or in your yoga studio.

And when not in use, you can use this soft yoga blanket as a home accessory for your bedroom or living room.

(ii) GoSweat Yoga Blanket

The second on our list of best meditation blankets is Shandali’s GoSweat Hot Yoga Blanket. This soft yoga towel is crafted from extra dense suede microfibers. Microfibers lock sweat or moisture and also offer great cushion support for carrying out yoga, pilates, and other floor exercises.

This means you do not have to worry about losing your grip while stretching or undertaking other restorative floor exercises. Also, the fabric is extremely lightweight so you can fold the yoga towel and carry it along on a beach, to the office, or park.

Besides, you can use it as cushion support to perform various exercises. For instance, you can roll the towel and put it under your neck or back to replicate the support of a foam roller.

As for fabric care, you can wash the yoga towel in a washing machine using cold water to prevent color bleeding. Make sure that you wash the towel before first use to activate the microfiber grip.

II. Mexican Yoga Blankets

(i) Benevolence Yoga Blanket

If you are looking out for one of the best Mexican Yoga Blankets, then you must go for the handwoven serape blankets from the Benevolence LA store.

The blankets are made using recycled fabric and cotton on a traditional wooden loom in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Further, these blankets have a Fasla pattern that comes in ten different vibrant and bold colors. Must say, it’s a perfect mix of California style and Mexican artisan look.

Besides offering a great design, these serape and Baja blankets offer great functionality as they are extremely soft, cozy, and super breathable. This means you can use both for your yoga practice as well as cuddling when relaxing at home.

(ii) El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blankets

The next best falsa serape or Mexican yoga blanket is the one from the house of El Paso Designs. These colorful serapes are hand-crafted. They use acrylic fabric by the local artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico with each thread hand-tied individually.

Soft environmentally-friendly recycled fibers weaved together makes a traditional falsa pattern.

Also, these falsa serapes are extremely soft and thick. So these make an ideal choice for enhancing your yoga practice. You can use these Mexican Blankets over your yoga mat as a yoga blanket, yoga bolster, or meditation blanket. Further, you can also use them both indoors and outdoors.

For instance, you can use it as an outdoor blanket while going to the beach, camping, or picnics. For indoors, you can use it as a twin bedspread, accent throw, saddle blanket, or home decor.

Since these Mexican Blankets are crafted using soft acrylic fibers, you can hand or machine wash them in cold water. Make sure you do not use bleach.

(iii) Canyon Creek Yoga Blanket

Canyon Creek is another brand that provides authentic Mexican Yoga Falsa Blankets. The unique part about these yoga blankets is that they are crafted from recycled acrylic cotton.

Acrylic-coated cotton is a fabric that is heat-treated with powdered acrylic. The powdered acrylic lends cotton fibers water and stain-resistant properties.

Further, the cotton fabric is extremely lightweight and is great for Yoga Mats as well as Yoga Blankets.

This means you can use these falsa blankets for both yoga or just curling up on the sofa on a winter night. Also, these falsa serapes are machine washable. So, there are no worries with regard to fabric care.

(iv) Hydration Nation Handcrafted Mexican Blanket

Another high-quality hand-woven serape blanket in our best Mexican Yoga Blankets list is the one from Hydration Nation.

These Mexican Yoga Blankets are hand-crafted from 60% Recycled Acrylic and 40% Recycled Polyester on traditional looms by the local artisans in Mexico.

The fabrics used to design the Aztec blankets are hand-crafted using 100% recycled materials. As a result, the blankets offer the requisite warmth, are thick, soft, and eco-friendly.

Besides offering warmth, the blankets are so versatile that you can use them for yoga, home decor, or as a poncho. These are so lightweight that you can carry them along to park or use them as a car blanket.

Also, these Mexican Yoga Blankets are quite durable and require the least maintenance. All you need to do is machine wash them using cold water.

(v) Open Road Goods Yoga Blankets

Open Road Goods offers a range of thick Mexican Blankets for yoga that come in a wide variety of colors. These yoga blankets are handcrafted using a blend of fabrics including acrylic, polyester, and cotton.

This means that the blankets are only soft but are also thick and more durable than normal Falsa Mexican Blankets.

The uniqueness lies in the pattern as well as the durability of the blankets. That is, in place of the traditional Falsa patterns, Open Road Goods offers Navajo patterns.

Also, you can use these unique Mexican Blankets for restorative exercises like yoga or meditation. Besides this, you can even use it as an outdoor blanket for picnics or when at a beach.

(vi) YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Blanket

Another great choice for a Mexican Blanket is the Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket from the house of YogaAccessories. This is a high-quality yoga prop crafted from a blend of cotton, acrylic, and polyester.

You can use it for a host of purposes like restorative yoga, meditation, as a mat for outdoor practice, picnic blanket, beach blanket, and more.

Besides this, these traditional Mexican Blankets offer great cushion support to perform challenging yoga poses.

These Yoga Blankets come in a range of vibrant colors patterns along with tassels in white, grey, or natural colors.

All these blankets are hand-crafted by the local artisans and offer great versatility.

(vii) Topaz Hill Yoga Blanket

The last on our list of best Mexican Yoga Blankets is the one from Topal Hill. These are premium yoga blankets that are technically approved for Yoga.

No wonder, why these blankets are the most popular yoga prop used by yoga enthusiasts and studios across the world.

These blankets are premium as they are handcrafted by local Mexican artisans using high-quality fiber. This fiber is designed using high-quality cotton and acrylic materials that can withstand all your daily activities.

You can use it for yoga and other restorative exercises. Or, you can always take it along on a picnic, at a beach, or in parks to hang out with friends and family.

III. Mandala Yoga Blankets

(i) Folkulture Mandala Yoga Blanket

If you are a fan of the Mandala pattern, then you must go for a Mandala Yoga blanket for practicing yoga and meditation.

The first on our list of best Mandala Yoga Blankets is the Folkulture’s Mandala Yoga Blanket. It’s a yoga mat that comes incorporated with a beautiful round trippy tapestry pattern in vibrant colors, perfect enough to enhance your mood while practicing yoga or meditation.

The fabric used to craft these yoga mats is 100% cotton. However, these are not handcrafted but do ooze out the vibrant Bohemian Tapestries crafted using Indian methodology.

Since the fabric is pure cotton, it absorbs all your sweat. Moreover, the Mandala design relaxes and heals your body and mind. Further, it also relieves any kind of stress, fear, or anxiety.

Besides these benefits, the Mandala Blankets also offer other therapeutic benefits like releasing suppressed emotions and enhancing creative or problem thinking.

You can also use a Mandala Blanket for other purposes like home decor or a table runner.

(ii) RosieLily Mandala Yoga Blanket

Another great alternative in the Mandala Yoga Blankets is the Mandala Beach towel from RosieLily. This is a multi-purpose blanket that can be used for park picnics, yoga & meditation & poolside lounging.

You can also use this Mandala Blanket for indoor use like for home decor. What makes this an ideal blanket for yoga and meditation is that it is crafted from 100% microfiber – a fabric that can absorb 7 to 9 times its weight in moisture.

Besides this, the fabric dries very quickly thereby reducing the drying time of water. Also, it is oversized and has an ideal thickness that’s just perfect for carrying out restorative exercises at the beach or in a park.

Plus, it’s so lightweight that you really do not have to make much effort in carrying it along for practicing outdoor yoga or meditation.

IV. Organic Yoga Blankets

(i) SMYRNA Organic Yoga Blanket

As the name suggests, the Organic Yoga Blankets are the ones that are crafted using 100% cotton material. The first on our list of Organic Yoga Blankets is the one from the house of SMYRNA.

The brand offers yoga towels that are crafted from 100% Organic Cotton by using Anatolian yarn. The yarn is EKO-TEX Certified and is directly imported from Turkey!

The unique quality of these yoga towels is that they dry very quickly and are good absorbents of moisture.

Besides being functional, you can also use these yoga towels for a variety of purposes like a yoga mat, beach towel, wrap, or sarong.

The fabric is extremely soft and gets softer with every wash.

(ii) Peshtemania Boho Throw Yoga Blanket

Another great organic yoga blanket is the one from the house of Arcturus. It’s a yoga blanket crafted from striped patterned wool.

It’s a multi-purpose blanket, so you can use it for practicing meditation and yoga. The soft yoga throw blanket can offer great cushion support to perform all the challenging yoga poses with ease.

In fact, you can also practice yoga poses like Shavasana with ease as the yoga blanket offers your body the requisite warmth. This means complete relaxation of the body and mind while practicing yoga and meditation.

Besides this, the soft wool offers much-needed warmth during winters. Therefore, you can also use it as a throw blanket.

All these blankets are crafted on a loom to ensure thickness and texture. Plus, each yoga blanket incorporates a solid lock-stitch that prevents its edges from fraying.

(iii) SMYRNA Organic Turkish Yoga Blanket

Another premium quality organic yoga blanket is SMYRNA’s organic Turkish Yoga Blanket. Again, this yoga towel is crafted from 100% organic cotton making it soft, lightweight, and a good absorbent.

This means all your sweat gets absorbed easily while practicing restorative exercises like yoga

Besides this, the fabric also has easy drying properties. Thus, it reduces the time for water drying.

Since it’s a multipurpose blanket, you can use it for yoga, meditation, and other fitness activities. Additionally, you can use it as a towel at a beach, spa, or poolside.

V. Yoga Mat Blankets

(i) Gaiam Yoga Blankets

One of the popular yoga accessories is Gaiam’s yoga mat. These yoga mats are crafted using hypoallergenic, non-permeable microfiber.

This fabric absorbs moisture twice as much as standard cotton plus it dries in half the time. There’s no doubt why it’s a great product for practicing all types of yoga. Be it Ashtanga or Vinyasa.

Further, these yoga mat towels fit directly on top of a standard yoga mat wicking and drying moisture within no time.

In addition to this, the yoga mat’s fabric is so lightweight that you can carry it along anywhere. This means you can practice yoga or meditation on the go.

(ii) Lotuscrafts Yoga Blankets

One of the other great choices for a yoga mat is Lotuscrafts’s is the Hot Yoga and Pilates Towel. This mat is crafted from a fabric that is a blend of polyester and polyamide.

This makes the fabric extremely good absorbent of moisture. Hence, it acts as a perfect yoga prop for dynamic and sweaty yoga sessions.

Another unique feature of this yoga mat is that it has a wet grip surface that gives your body a better grip while practicing yoga. This means even if you sweat, this yoga towel will help you maintain your grip.

Plus, this hot yoga towel also has a non-slip silicone coating on the entire underside. This means the towel sticks to the yoga mat and gives you a good hold.

All these features ensure that it’s perfect for Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, or as a Pilates towel.

VI. Yoga Throw Blankets

(i) Zulay Yoga Blanket

If you are looking for a yoga blanket that is an appropriate yoga prop for all seasons, then you must go for Zulay Home’s Authentic Mexican Blankets.

These are Mexican Yoga Blankets that are handcrafted from 100% recycled fabric which is a blend of polyester and acrylic.

The fabric lends a host of functional properties to the yoga blanket. For instance, it makes these yoga throws extremely lightweight, breathable, soft, warm, and water repellant.

Its water-resistant property makes it quite a versatile yoga throw blanket. You can use it as a wall decoration, picnic spread blanket, car blanket, equestrian saddle blanket, yoga mat, or a poncho.

Also, the warmth and softness that the fabric lends to the yoga throw make it an appropriate accessory for summer beaches, fall snuggles, and cold winter nights.

VII. Restorative Yoga Blankets

(i) Shandali Yoga Blankets

The next on our list of best yoga blankets are Shandali’s Sticky Fiber Yoga Towels. This restorative yoga blanket is crafted from silicone-based microfiber. Typically, Silicone is not commonly used in yoga accessories.

However, the Shandali Yoga Blankets use silicone thread woven right into the yoga towel’s fabric to improve its grip. Silicone is a material that improves grip and traction.

So, the upper surface of the yoga towel feels like any other yoga towel. However, the bottom has an Eco-Silicone Web-Grip weave that allows the yoga towel to just stick to your yoga mat.

Thus, these restorative yoga blankets ensure that they provide you with the much-needed stability to enhance your yoga practice. It prevents you from

  • Slipping while doing yoga or any injury caused due to more complex postures
  • Moving feet around while practicing the triangle pose
  • Ankle or knee pain as you try to stabilize your body while practicing any warrior pose
  • Leaving any yoga pose incomplete due to slipping
  • Not practicing yoga postures properly due to loss of stability
  • Any injury from falling out of form

This means you can practice Bikram Yoga – a type of yoga that involves a lot of sweat – without worrying about any injury.

Besides offering a good grip, the Shandali’s Yoga Blankets are extremely lightweight that allow you to practice yoga or meditation on the go.

(ii) Hopeshine Yoga Blankets

Another great restorative yoga blanket is the one from the house of Hopeshine. These yoga towels are crafted from microfiber that is a blend of polyester and polyamide.

This fabric entails properties that make it extremely soft than a traditional yoga towel. Further, the yoga towel incorporates a terry texture design that can absorb more water than a flat towel.

Thus, the microfiber ensures that you practice yoga or carry out any other fitness routine without sweat acting as an impediment.

Besides being a good absorbent, the yoga towel is highly durable because of the high-quality microfiber used to craft the yoga towel.

Also, the microfiber material is extremely lightweight which means you can carry the yoga towel along on your travel, hiking, or camping.

VIII. Wool Yoga Blankets

(i) Manduka Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket

If you do not want to go for a multi-purpose yoga blanket but a wool yoga blanket for enhancing your yoga practice during chilly mornings, then Manduka Recycled Wool Yoga Blanket is a great alternative.

This wool yoga blanket is crafted using 100% recycled fibers that are a blend of wool and synthetic fibers.

The recycled wool blend gives you the necessary warmth while practicing yoga poses like Shavana or meditation. Just throw this yoga blanket and enhance your winter yoga practice.

Besides using it as a throw blanket for yoga, you can also roll and stack it up to offer you much-needed support while performing dynamic yoga practices. For instance, you can place the stacked wool yoga blanket under your knee, neck, feet, back, or elbows.

(ii) Arcturus Patterned Wool Yoga Blanket

Another great choice on our list of best wool yoga blankets is the Arcturus’ Striped Patterned Wool Blanket. This yoga blanket is crafted from a blend of wool and hypoallergenic synthetic fibers.

Accordingly, the wool fabric gives you the necessary warmth and has fire-retardant properties. Whereas the hypoallergenic synthetic fibers render durability to the yoga blanket.

Besides being fire-retardant and durable, these wool yoga blankets are quite safe to use as they are not treated with any additional flame-retardant chemicals.

Additionally, the wool blanket weighs 4.5 lbs and is loom-woven to ensure even texture and thickness.

This means it’s a perfect yoga accessory as it not only provides the necessary cushion for those challenging yoga poses, but it also gives you the warmth you require to practice yoga for the rainier and chilly days.

What is a Yoga Blanket?

A Yoga Blanket is a versatile yoga prop that helps you to achieve alignment and maintain body balance while performing various yoga poses. Thus, a Yoga Blanket provides your body the requisite support while performing the advanced poses that are quite difficult to attain as a beginner.

Yoga Blankets even help the experienced practitioners of Yoga as it enhances the form and alignment of the advanced yoga poses that such practitioners perform.

It is important to note that achieving form and alignment in a particular yoga pose is quite important. Thus, a yoga prop like a blanket can enhance your grip and help you to hold the pose for a longer duration.

Besides enhancing your grip, a yoga blanket can add height to certain yoga poses and provide your body with the necessary warmth when placed on top of the yoga mat.

Further, a yoga blanket also provides extra cushioning to your bony body parts like feet, hands, head, knees, and elbows while practicing various yoga poses.

Types of Yoga Blankets

There are various types of Yoga Blankets available depending on the type you need for practicing yoga.

Typically, a Yoga Blanket is crafted from materials like wool, cotton, or similar other materials. All such materials are good water absorbents but are heat and electricity-resistant.

Thus, it helps in absorbing all the body sweat released while practicing different yoga postures.

It is important to note that a yoga blanket must be crafted from a material that has all such attributes for undertaking an effective yoga practice.

Scientifically, your body gets charged with energy when you practice yoga. As a result, your body gets heated up.

Now, the heat released during yoga practice is important for your body as it helps in the proper functioning of the body on the inside. Further, it also helps in keeping you physically fit.

So, when you practice yoga without a yoga mat or a yoga blanket, all the heat generated gets transmitted to the ground. This is because your feet come in direct contact with the ground and hence do not retain the requisite amount of heat within your body.

So, there are different types of blankets that you need to choose depending upon your needs.

I. Mexican Yoga Blankets

In the 1960s, pure cotton blankets were used by the yogis in India for practicing yoga. However, in America, Mexican Blankets crafted from cotton and wool blends were used by yoga instructors as mats.

Using Mexican Blankets for practicing yoga became popular across the world when the master yoga instructor, BKS Iyengar visited Mexico just to buy his first set of cotton blankets.

Fortunately, Iyengar got in touch with the Mexican Army who used to wear blanket-like shawls in the colder regions. Unlike pure cotton blankets, these Mexican blankets were hand-crafted using cotton, polyester, and acrylic materials.

Convinced with the material, Yogi Iyengar decided that these would act as a good prop for practicing yoga.

Thus, he bought the blankets in bulk as they were quite affordable, relatively solid relative to the cotton blankets, and were certainly long-lasting.

2. Organic Yoga Blankets

Back in the 1960s, the Indian Yogis used 100% cotton blankets for practicing yoga. These blankets offered a great grip and were called prison mats. Why so? The yogis in Mysore, India practiced yoga using these blankets as mats.

These cotton blankets or beds were woven by the prisoners in Mysore and the yogis would specially visit the prison to get their mats hand-woven.

The unique quality of these blankets was that they absorbed water easily and would stick to the yoga mat.

These blankets are woven from 100% cotton, are quite lightweight, soft, and are a great yoga prop for postures like savasana or pranayama.

3. Yoga Throw Blankets

The Yoga Throw Blankets are the blankets that are ideal for Savasana or other relaxation yoga poses. These blankets cover your body

Typically, it is crafted from soft cotton so that you get an ideal underlay and support while restorative yoga or meditation. Thus, it gives your body much-needed insulation from the cold flooring.

You can also use these blankets to render cushions to your bones and joints. Further, you can also use them as support for various yoga poses. These blankets can also be used to provide warmth.

How To Use Yoga Blankets?

Yoga blankets are popular yoga props as they can be folded, rolled, stacked, or flattened to provide support for practicing different yoga postures.

It is extremely important to know how to use a yoga blanket for achieving proper alignment, support, structure, ease, and movement while practicing different yoga poses.

You can use a Yoga Blanket in the following shapes and forms: flat, flat folded, rolled, and pleated. Besides this, you can use it as a yoga throw to cover your body Savasana or during meditation.

Folded Blankets

Folded blankets can be stacked on top of one another to give your lower abdomen, knees, arms, legs, buttocks, spine, and neck the necessary cushion while practicing yoga. Thus, you prevent your bony body parts from getting injured or acting as an obstruction to performing different yoga poses.

For instance, all knee yoga poses like Low Lunge, Cat-Cow, Camel, Gate Pose, etc. need cushion support under your knees. Then, your hips require cushion support in case of a pigeon pose. In other poses like Hero’s Pose, you can sit on the folded yoga blanket and practice such poses easily. Finally, you can even use a folded yoga blanket for yoga poses like plow pose, head to knee pose, seated forward fold, and easy pose to get the required cushion support for appropriate body parts.

Rolled Blankets

Then, there are certain yoga poses where you need to use a rolled yoga blanket so that you get the cushion to practice a yoga pose with ease. This especially helps yoga beginners as they usually have tight hamstrings and a tender back which makes it challenging for them to practice yoga with flexibility.

Thus, yoga beginners can always place a pleated yoga blanket under their knees to relax or release the tightness in their legs or thighs.

For instance, a child’s pose requires you to place a rolled blanket underneath your ankles to get the necessary comfort. Then, to relax your hips down to the heels in case of a child’s pose, you can place a rolled yoga blanket between your calves and thighs to bridge the gap. Then, you also use a rolled yoga blanket or yoga towel under your heels to give the extra cushion to your heels. This will help you to concentrate on other areas while practicing this yoga pose like opening the hips and stretching the lower back.

Pleated Blankets

Lastly, you can place a pleated blanket across the back of your chest to relax and widen your chest. Then, you can even place it under your head to lift your chest upwards lift it upwards widen it

What Kind of Blanket is Best for Yoga?

Typically, the yoga blankets are crafted from blends of natural materials like cotton, wool, acrylic, and polyester. The yoga blankets crafted from such blended materials are ideal for practicing yoga, meditation, or other restorative exercises.

These materials have a host of properties that help you practice yoga or other restorative activities with ease.

For instance, such fabric blends are:

  • Good absorbents of sweat or moisture, thus they give you the necessary grip and prevent you from slipping
  • Thick and dense thereby lending the appropriate cushion for performing that difficult-to-perform yoga postures
  • Warm and soft thus do not act as an irritant for your skin when you cover your body during meditation or Savasana
  • Eco-friendly as they are crafted using recycled natural materials

Are Yoga Blankets Worth It?

One of the most important yoga accessories is yoga blankets. Their primary function is that they give your bony parts like knees, elbows, head, back, hips, ankles, arms, and legs the necessary cushion for practicing yoga postures where these have a major role to play.

Take for instance yoga poses like Low Lunge, Cat-Cow, Camel, Gate Pose, etc. These poses involve the engagement of your knees. If you place a folded yoga blanket underneath your knees, it will give the required support to practice yoga.

You can also replace yoga blocks with yoga blankets. One of the other important yoga accessories is yoga block as it renders stability and balance needed in your practice. Yoga blocks help you to attain optimal alignment, perform deeper yoga poses, and increase strength.

Thus, yoga blankets just like yoga blocks can help you to extend, support, and deepen your stretches. It modifies your yoga poses by offering you an appropriate level of flexibility. This means if you feel tight, you don’t have to risk injury. Rather, you just need to grab a blanket or two.

Why Do Yogis Use Mexican Blankets?

Mexican blankets are hand-crafted from cotton or blended natural materials like cotton, polyester, and acrylic materials. Typically, the Mexican Blankets feature a striped Falsa weave offering appropriate warmth and cushioning to yogis.

The reason why yogis typically use Mexican Yoga Blankets is because of the properties it offers. For instance, Mexican Yoga Blankets are soft, still, they offer an appropriate grip to your body so that you can perform deeper yoga poses.

Then, you can use a Yoga Blanket as support for yoga poses involving the bony parts of your body. All you need to do is either roll, stack, pleat them as per your requirement and place them under the engaged bony body part.

Further, yoga blankets are extremely lightweight so you can carry them along to a park, beach, or other outdoor places and practice yoga on the go.

But the primary reason why yogis use a Mexican Yoga blanket is because of the attached history.

As mentioned earlier, Indian Yogis used pure cotton blankets for practicing yoga during the 1960s. But, yoga instructors in America used Mexican Blankets hand-crafted from cotton and wool blends.

These became a rage in the yoga community worldwide when the master yoga instructor, BKS Iyengar traveled to Mexico just to purchase his first set of cotton blankets.

There he got in touch with the Mexican Army who used to wear blanket-like shawls in the colder regions. These warm overthrows were hand-crafted from a blend of natural materials like cotton, polyester, and acrylic materials instead of pure cotton.

Thus, Yogi Iyengar got attracted to the material and decided to use it as a prop for practicing yoga.

Thus, he bought the blankets in bulk as they were quite affordable, relatively solid relative to the cotton blankets, and were certainly long-lasting.

How Do You Wash A Yoga Blanket?

Typically, it is suggested that the yoga blankets must be hand-washed in cold water. You need to spray the solution containing cold water and drops of dish soap on your yoga mat. Then, you need to scrub it using a microfiber cloth. Remember, you don’t have to go too hard with scrubbing the surface of the yoga mat as that can damage the mat’s fabric.

It is suggested not to machine wash your yoga blankets unless the product description says so. Machine-washing can damage both your yoga mat as well as the washing machine. In case your yoga mat can be machine washed, use cold water and a mild detergent while undergoing a general cycle of washing.

You can wash your yoga mat once a month. However, it is important to disinfect your yoga mat on a regular basis. To disinfect your yoga mat, you can prepare a solution at home containing equal quantities of distilled water and white vinegar. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the solution as it has anti-bacterial properties.

How Big A Yoga Blanket Should Be?

You must choose a yoga blanket that at least covers the entire yoga mat. The minimum size that you can go for while choosing a yoga blanket is 72′ long and 50′ wide.

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