Depression Test

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It is typical for people to feel sad at times given life stressors like work pressure, losing a loved one, etc. However, depression is not merely sadness or mood fluctuations. Major Depressive Disorder is something different from the usual mood fluctuations and short-term feelings of sadness.

As per WHO, approximately 280 million people in the world experience depression. Further, it is one of the major reasons for disability across the world and has a major share in the worldwide burden of disease. Accordingly, if left undiagnosed and untreated, it can have devastating effects both for the person experiencing depression and his family. Likewise, depression is more common in women than men and can result in suicide.

Despite being a severe mental health condition, over 75% of the people in the lower and middle-income nations get no treatment. This is because of the critical roadblocks associated with receiving proper mental health care. Some of these blocks include insufficient resources, a lack of well-trained health care professionals, and the stigma associated with mental issues.

What is Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)?

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a mental disorder that is characterized by severe symptoms like lack of interest and delight in routine activities, noticeable weight changes, and sleep issues like insomnia or excessive sleeping. Further, it is also marked by feelings of hopelessness and lack of self-worth, one feeling tired having no energy, loss of appetite, and repeated thoughts of death or suicide.

Many people take depression very casually and think that it does not require any diagnosis or treatment. This is where they go wrong because depression is a serious mental health condition with severe symptoms that needs proper treatment.

What is Depression Test and Who Must Take It?

The online depression test is a questionnaire that consists of questions. These questions relate to situations that people experiencing depression typically face. The goal of the depression test is to help individuals identify their behavior patterns and whether they have depression symptoms.

However, this test is not a substitute for the diagnosis undertaken by doctors. It is not a depression diagnostic tool and simply helps you to understand your thoughts and behavior so that you can seek treatment at the right time.

Want to know if you suffer from Depression? Take this online depression test today and check your score to know whether you need medical assistance. Your personal information is highly sensitive data and is of high priority for us. Hence, the results are kept secret and are seen by you only.

Question 1. Have you been experiencing a depressed mood, lack of interest, or pleasure in routine activities over the past two weeks?
Question 2. Have you been reporting feelings of emptiness, hopelessness to your loved ones, or have your loved ones noticed these feelings in you?
Question 3. Have you experienced significant weight loss when not dieting, weight gain, or loss of appetite in the past two weeks?
Question 4. Have you experienced insomnia or excessive sleeping in the past two weeks?
Question 5. Have you been feeling restless (psychomotor agitation) or being slowed down (retardation) or have been observed by others to feel this?
Question 6. Do I feel fatigued and losing energy?
Question 7. Do you experience feelings of worthlessness or excessive and out of proportion guilt?
Question 8. Are you not able to focus or concentrate and experience indecisiveness?
Question 9. Do you repeatedly get suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death?
Question 10. Do you feel that such feelings of sadness and emptiness have impacted your normal, routine functioning?