Zen and Harper Series #1: Herd Mentality


This is a Herd Mentality Cartoon. It depicts the ‘herd mentality’ that we are plagued with in different facets of life and is also known as mob mentality or gang mentality. It refers to the manner in which the behavior of others around us determines our conduct rather than our own logic and reason.

In other words, we tend to blindly follow what others do.This is done irrespective of whether such behavior is in our interest or not. One of the areas where herd mentality is rampant is the manner in which we choose our careers.

For instance, we choose to become doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, investment bankers simply because these career choices are in trend. And majority of our friends are traversing or planning to take the same course.

Likewise, we get married not because we want to. But because everyone else of our age is doing so. Thus, herd mentality compels us to take decisions based on our emotions and not on proper reasoning and cognitive analysis.

As a result, we end up taking decisions that prove to be devastating for us.

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