Zen and Harper Series #2: Bad Karma


What is Karma?

‘Karma’ as defined by ‘Bhagavad Gita’, the Indian holy scripture, are the activities carried out by living entities from time immemorial. This is the fifth basic truth of a human being’s life, the other four being: (i) Existence of God, the Supreme Controller (ii) Living beings, the ones who are controlled (iii) Material Manifestation (Prakriti) (iv) Time (Kaal) and (v) Karma (Actions).

Zen is in his room and trying a ‘space suit’ like outfit. His sister, Harper, who is sitting in the living room inquires as to what is keeping Zen inside the room. To which Zen responds that he is trying the outfit that probably human beings would have to wear daily in the year 2070. Further, he explains as to why living beings would have to wear such an outfit.

It seems that he is quite disturbed with the plunder that living entities are doing on plant earth. He believes that the future generations would have to suffer the results of the poor karma or bad actions undertaken by the generation at present.

How Can You Change Your Bad Karma?

As per ‘Bhagavad Gita’, a man either enjoys or suffers the results of his work, that is, his Karma. This is elucidated by an example. Suppose an entrepreneur works really hard and amasses a lot of wealth. In such a case, he enjoys the results of his toil or effort. However, if an entrepreneur flounders and looses all of his money, he suffers the results of his work. This applies to every field.

Furthermore, unlike the other four basic truths mentioned above, ‘Karma’ is not eternal. This means that though we are either enjoying or suffering the results of our ‘Karma’ since time immemorial, we can change the results of our ‘Bad Karma’. And this change depends upon the level of knowledge that we have.

We perform a lot of activities on regular basis, however, we do not know what sort of activities can provide us relief from our sufferings or poor karmas. As living beings, we might be determined to perform an activity in a particular way. But then, we get entangled in the actions and reactions of our own Karma.


We can change our ‘Bad Karma’ only when we are performing the activities in a conscious state, that is, in the state of goodness. Because only under such a state we would know what sort of activities can take us out of suffering or can change our ‘Bad Karma’.

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