The 16 Best Anxiety Journals of 2022

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  3. Journal With Prompts
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Journals are becoming increasingly popular as tools for coping with anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Furthermore, journaling can also help you cope with stress and boost your creativity.

If you want to try journaling as a means to deal with your mental health issues, you should try the Best Anxiety Journals of 2022 are listed below.

The best of this year’s list contains 16 best anxiety journals from a variety of publishers and writers.

Amazon Journals

I. Let That Sh*t Go

The first anxiety journal on the list is “Let That Sh*t Go: A Journal for the Bad Days,” published by Amazon Journals.

From the title alone, this diary encourages you to embrace the unpleasant aspects of life.

Further, it curses your worries away while writing, drawing, or even coloring on the 200 pages of the journal to relieve tension.

This journal is ideal to give as a present or keep for yourself as a method to vent on difficult days.

II. Zen As F*ck

“Zen as F*ck (Zen as F*ck Journals)” is another anti-anxiety journal from Amazon Journals. This journal was written by Monica Sweeney.

Zen as F*ck is an anti-anxiety journal for learning the conscious art of not giving a sh*t.”

Moreover, this journal encourages people to appreciate the art of profanity and the relaxation it provides when meditation is no longer effective.

There are times in life when being a badass and not giving a f*ck brings you serenity.

128 pages, this is an ideal present for persons who bottle up their feelings in order to confront them; they may also scrawl a lot of profanities in this journal.

Best Journals For Women

I. Self-Love Workbook for Women

The third anxiety journal on the list is Megan Logan MSW LCSW’s “Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are.”

This is one of the best journals for women and is the #1 bestseller in the category of eating disorder self-help.

This workbook is for women who want to better understand and express their emotions through encouraging self-love.

According to the author and therapist Megan Logan, women may attain their full potential by filling out quizzes and other enjoyable tasks in this workbook.

II. Burn After Writing

The next anxiety journal is Sharon Jones’s “Burn After Writing,”. This 160-page journal is all about you.

The author wrote this to avoid doing what the media encourages us to do, which is to post everything for everyone to see on social media.

This is one of the best depression and anxiety relief journals that allow you to confess, write, and express anything without it being seen by others or being put on the internet.

As the title of this anxiety journal suggests, after filling up the 160 pages, you can do whatever you want with it, even burning it.

Daily Health Journals

I. Hello New Me

“Hello New Me: A Daily Food and Exercise Journal to Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself, (90 Days Meal and Activity Tracker)” is the title of the next journal.

It’s also the best-selling daily health journal in the aging nutrition and diets category.

In this 110-page journal, you can list down and track what you eat for 90 days.

Physical health is one of the most important things we should take care of on a regular basis.

Moreover, eating healthy and changing your diet can help you change your mood and positively affect your mind.

Hence, you can use “Hello New Me” to track your food and water intake, workouts, emotions, and more.

II. Training For A Healthy Life

The next best daily health journal on our list is Zeitgeist Wellness’s “Training for a Healthy Life: A Daily Food and Fitness Journal”.

This 128-page health journal can help you attain a healthy mind and body by recording your daily food intake and activities, whether your aim is to lose weight or maintain weight.

With the help of this journal, you may lead a healthier life at a very low cost.

Journals With Prompts

I. Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

One of the best journals with prompts is “Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal (90 Days) (Inner World)”.

This journal is also the number one best-seller in the holistic medicine category. Thus, You may find tranquility through self-care.

Further, this depression and anxiety relief journal encourages you to adopt positive thinking into your daily lives and pay greater attention to yourselves.

Additionally, this 184-page sleek and elegant journal is perfect for your 90-day journaling.

II. Good Days Start With Gratitude

The next journal with prompts is “Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude.

This is a gratitude journal having a digital design on the cover that promotes tranquility with its flower motif.

Furthermore, by noting simple things that offer you joy each day, this journal aids in improving your mood.

Also, doing this on a regular basis might transform your perspective on life and on the things that worry you.

Moreover, this journal can assist pessimistic people in appreciating the good things in life, even in the simplest of events.

The journal has 118 pages on which you can write down all of your gratitude and blessings.

Self Help Journals

I. Present, Not Perfect

The next journal on the list is the “Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are”.

This is one of the best self-help journals written by Aimee Chase. It is to help women slow down and focus on the present, whether it’s what they’re feeling or what’s going on in the present, as the title suggests.

The author wishes to convey that women are as busy as they have ever been since we now live in a period when women can accomplish anything.

Though while living out the roles of what is expected of women, they still should give importance to themselves.

Further, they become better versions of who they are while fulfilling their respective roles without the pressure the society gives. This journal is ideal for any mother with only 128 pages.

II. The One-Minute Gratitude Journal

The next self-help journal on the list is Brenda Nathan’s “The One-Minute Gratitude Journal”. This journal’s cover features a vibrant pattern that is pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore, this notebook provides the sensation of thankfulness and the ability to express gratitude.

Being able to feel gratitude indicates that one has a healthy intellect capable of recognizing that emotion.

You can write what made you grateful in this notebook without feeling obligated to do so every day.

Even if you just have a minute, you may think of a lot of things to be grateful for, as the title of the journal suggests.

It has 112 pages with many ways to be thankful for even the smallest things in life.

Teens Journals

I. The Mindfulness Journal For Teens

Many teenagers are dealing with mental health concerns as a result of a variety of factors, including school bullying, home troubles, and others.

Jennie Marie Battistin published a journal entitled: “The Mindfulness Journal for Teens: Prompts and Practices to Help You Stay Cool, Calm, and Present.”

This 150-page teens journal includes breathing exercises and meditation to help them calm their brains and stay optimistic in the face of any negative thoughts they may have.

By writing and reading in this journal, teens can become more aware of what they do and feel on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it is important for teens to understand their emotions and why they have that kind of emotions in response to certain situations in their lives.

Nevertheless, this depression and anxiety journal has the potential to change a teenager’s life and assist them at a young age.

II. Anxiety Relief For Teens

Teenage years are also marked by a wide range of emotions.

Many teenagers have challenges at home, at school, and in society. Moreover, these issues can be daunting for teenagers, especially when they are young.

Hence, Regine Galanti, PhD published “Anxiety Relief for Teens: Essential CBT Skills and Mindfulness Practices to Overcome Anxiety and Stress”.

This is one of the best teens journals to help them put things into perspective and better understand what they are going through.

It is an anti-anxiety journal that includes a variety of exercises and meditations for dealing with worry, tension, and difficult emotions.

Quizzes and assessments are also included in this 192-page notebook to help you better comprehend and analyze what you’re going through as a teen.

Also, it is the best-selling book in the structuralist philosophy category.

Best Journals For Mental Health UK

I. Start Where You Are

The next anti-anxiety journal is Meera Lee Patel’s “Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration”.

This journal has a vibrant, eye-catching cover and it features quotes, exercises, and much more inside.

“Start Where You Are,” as the title suggests, is a guided journal that encourages you to be true to yourself in the middle of a hectic life.

It’s essential to keep growing and remain true to yourself. While growing, this journal encourages mindfulness and self-motivation.

Also, the cover will motivate you to be more creative and think outside the box when it comes to the designs you can use in the journal.

II. The 6-Minute Diary

“The 6-Minute Diary | 6 Minutes a Day for More Mindfulness, Happiness, and Productivity | A Simple and Effective Gratitude Journal and Undated Daily Planner” by UrBestSelf is the final journal on the list for 2022.

This stylish and contemporary journal encourages you to develop better thinking habits.

Because staying healthy, both physically and psychologically, is the most essential thing in life, this diary might help you change your perspective.

You can be more attentive of what you think and do before and after you get out of bed. All you need to do is write in this guided journal for 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening.

Furthermore, how you act in public reveals a lot about how you think about yourself. Thus, having to record these kinds of thoughts and emotions in a journal makes you modify your thinking habits.

You can be more hopeful just by starting to write down things that make you happy in this self-help journal.

Because you can see what you write, the journal also illustrates your progress and improvement.

Thus, it can help you deal with mental disorders like anxiety and stress. Further, knowing and enumerating the things you’re having trouble with will help you eliminate problems related to those concerns.

In addition to this, the journal also includes inspiring words and other ideas on how to live a mindful and joyful life.


Anxiety Journal Template

Anxiety Journal PDF

As per research, journaling is a promising stress-reduction technique that helps in reducing anxiety.

The following section displays a list of Anxiety Journals PDF format. These are some of the best guided journals that help you express your emotions and thus promote your mental wellbeing.

I. Anxiety Therapy Journal

This is an anti-anxiety journal that provides you encouragement and helps you deal with social anxiety. It is a self-guided journal that helps you to understand what are the various components of social anxiety, answer conflicting questions, rating your anxiety levels, and so on.

This 33 page journal is one of the best journals for writing that offers love and recognition to those who are suffering from a mental health challenge.

II. Oxygen Impulse Cats Mood Tracker

It’s a captivating 31-day month-long daily tracker that keeps a track of your moods in a very unique way. There’s a cat for each day of the month.

All you need to do is write the aspect of your life that you are trying to capture or track in the top banner of the journal. It can be your mood, anxiety, habits, health, sleep, and the like.

Then, you can draw in your own expressions, habits, health parameters, sleep levels, and the like in the kitty faces at the bottom of this journal.

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Once you complete this, you then need to color each kitty face with a different color. These colors present your various moods, habits, and the like.

So, the day you feel a specific mood or achieve a habit, put the same kitty face color in the cat against the number of the day you experienced a particular mood or achieved a habit and the like.

III. Digital Download Shop 2 Stress Tracker Bullet Journal

This anti-anxiety journal is a bullet journal that helps you track stress with the help of a circle tracker and a chart tracker.

The circle tracker tracks your stress levels on a monthly basis whereas the chart tracker tracks your stress levels annually.

Thus, you can keep a log of your stress levels day after day. Then, you can compare these with the information on the other trackers and journal pages.

Such an exercise will help you to understand the reasons behind stress and the manner in which it is impacting your life.

IV. MH Printables Anxiety Mental Health Journal

This is an anxiety workbook that is a sort of Self-Help Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It will help you to manage your anxiety levels as you get an opportunity to evaluate your present condition.

This 32 page anti-anxiety journal will help you to become aware of various symptoms, cognitive distortions, ways to achieve mindfulness, and coping strategies.

To help you achieve this goal, this guided journal has various trackers including trigger, mood, medication, anxiety level, and sleep tracker. These trackers keep a check on current levels of mood and anxiety.

Further, the self-assessment questionnaires help you to evaluate your progress.

V. Shine Sheets Anxiety Journal

This anxiety and mental health journal that helps you clear your mind by challenging negative thoughts through writing them down.

It is a self-guided journal that is full of journaling prompts and supporting activities that allow you to learn how to worry less even in the toughest of times.

This worry workbook comprises 13 pages covering questionnaires to evaluate your thoughts, inspirational quotes, triggers and helpers list, self-encouragement, and a thoughts template.

All these put together will help you to calm down and see your worries with a different perspective.

VI. Yours Truly Printables Gratitude Journal

This one is a Gratitude Journal that instills positive energy and maintains your motivation level. It’s a 390 page journal that points out your positive memories, has daily quotes and prompts, and pre-made templates to put down your thoughts.

Further, the journal also has a 5-minute morning and evening journal template to find things that you are thankful for. This will help you to focus on these good things throughout the day.

Further, it will give you an opportunity to think through the ways in which you can make your life even better.

The above was the list of the anxiety journals in the form of a diary or a notebook to keep a track and check your anxiety levels.

In case you are keen on understanding anxiety disorders and their impact on physiological and psychological health, here is a list of some of the best online journals for anxiety.

Anxiety Journal Ideas

Journaling is a great way to pull thoughts out of your mind and put them on a piece of paper. It helps you become aware of what goes on beneath the surface as well as helps you relieve stress.

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Here are some of the anxiety journal ideas that can help you in creating your own journal. These journals will help you in working on different areas of your life apart from relieving stress.

These areas may include developing habits, maintaining health, gratitude and mood tracking, financial tracking, weight-loss tracker, and the like.

  • Self-Care Journals
  • 90 Day Goals
  • Deadlines Journal
  • Work Schedule Journal
  • Daily Routine Journal
  • Skills To Learn Journal
  • Mood Tracker Journal
  • Affirmations Journal
  • Workout Routine Journal
  • Go-To Healthy Meals Journal
  • Calories Journal
  • My Reading List Journal
  • Happiness Journal
  • Family Journal
  • Meditation Journal
  • Relationship Goals Journal
  • Life Tracker Journal
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Building Self-Esteem Journal
  • Travel Log Journal
  • Daily Journal
  • Mental Health Journal
  • OCD Journal
  • Anxiety, Stress, and Coping Journal
  • Social Anxiety Journal
  • Mindfulness Journal
  • Guided Journal
  • Panic Attack Journal
  • Sleep Journal
  • Productivity Journal
  • Ideas List Journal
  • Wish List Journal

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